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The SpaceXpanse Metaverse Utility Coin

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ABOUT the project

What does SpaceXpanse do?

SpaceXpanse: Next-Gen Trustless Blockchain Metaverse and NFT Platform is tailor-made for development of games and other complex decentralized applications /dApps/, but also for a convenient creation of immersive user experience, so it can:
● Create, store and transact ROD coins, the main SpaceXpanse digital currency.
● Allow creation of Trustless Accounts - securely register and transfer arbitrary names (keys) and transact value between them in the blockchain.
● Provide secure storage of Data in the blockchain.
● Create Virtual Currencies - allows minting and trading of tokens.
● Create other Virtual Assets (NFTs) - storage, ownership and management.

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What we want to achieve?

Long story short: By using some cutting-edge technologies, we want to make a self-sustained virtual environment a.k.a. metaverse where everyone with interests in Space related topics can communicate, develop and relax and which can be easily accessed from everywhere.

The main goal that we pursue is simple yet proved difficult: We want to turn the game around /pun intended/ and for the people to start creating value while playing and not vice versa, using the so-called Play and Earn model. On the other hand we want to use the technology in question to provide a virtual "playground" for developers/researchers to test their ideas in an environment as close as possible to the real world.

The outcome of this desire is unstoppable, irreversible, serverless blockchain backed ecosystem, in which you can develop any kind of applications using your favorite programming language in the process – your imagination is the only limit.

To showcase the idea we decided to develop two projects: the first one will be open source sandbox single player platform for creating and testing various multipart objects and scenarios with gravity and some other laws of physics applied to them. The second one will be a game which will step on the first one and will be more entertaining but while adding features like massive multiplayer with trustless asset ownership and player-driven open economy to the gameplay, it will use closed source code for the game engine and logic. And because we are huge fans of everything Space related and truly believe in the opportunities that Space exploration will give us, both are situated in Outer space, in our Solar system for starters. They will be accompanied by a decentralized social network for easy communication, which along with a decentralized DNS service will make SpaceXpanse metaverse complete.

And we will continue to broaden the boundaries of this ideas even further, making it as immense and independent as possible..


How we will make it happend?

The whole project will be carefully structured and will gradually broaden the scope of its tasks at hand in a span of four years to avoid any roadblocks on its path. It will be vigorously managed through Github Repositories, Teams, Projects, Issues, Discussions like some similar projects e.g. Bitcoin, Dogecoin and many others.
The SpaceXpanse community on the other hand will be managed in Discord although there are other means of communication like Twitter and others.


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SpaceXpanse specs

SpaceXpanse ROD Core includes the base elements required for basic and experienced users, miners and exchanges: spacexpansed, spacexpanse-qt, spacexpanse-cli and some other tools.
You may check here: https://github.com/spacexpanse/rod-core-wallet/tree/0.6.5/doc/spacexpanse for more SpaceXpanse specs and additional information.


Documentation and tutotials are here: https://github.com/SpaceXpanse/Documentation/wiki


For problems and suggestions about SpaceXpanse ROD Core you can create an issue here: https://github.com/SpaceXpanse/rod-core-wallet/issues
About SpaceXpanse in general you can create an issue here: https://github.com/SpaceXpanse/Roadmap/issues

Coin Specification

Name: SpaceXpanse
Ticker: ROD
Symbol: Ɍ
Address Letter: R
Address Header: 60
P2SH Header: 75
Port: 11998
RPC Port: 11999
Algorithm: neoscrypt-xaya/SHA256d, for merged mining - ChainID:1899
Block Reward: 800 ROD¹, halving every 1,054,080 blocks /~1 year/ for 5 years and then imposed ~3% inflation on the supply of that exact moment until 59 years are passed and the supply reaches ~2.5 fold increment.
Reward distribution: 75%/25% - 3 neoscrypt-xaya blocks and 1 SHA256d block every 4 blocks till the beginning of the third year when masternodes or other form of staking can be introduced /TBC/.
Block Time: 30 seconds
Spend: 6 confirmations
Block: 120 confirmations
Current Supply: ~345,949,957
Max. Supply: 4,615,066,365²
Premine: 199,999,998 coins in the developer's multisig /3 of 4/ address and 3/4 of them will be transferred to time-locked addresses to be unlocked in the next four years². The other will be used to support the first year of development.

¹There is a pre-release period of 55560 blocks /around 01.07.2020 11:59PM UTC/ in the beginning, in which the reward will be 1 ROD.
²They will be unspendable until target block numbers are reached. The unused coins from the premine will be burned accordingly.


How to get ROD coins?

1. You can mine them SOLO against the SpaceXpanse ROD wallet

In the beginning¹ it will be possible to mine them with CPU by using generatetoaddress 100 YOURRODADDRESS 1000000000 in the wallet's console, where 100 is the number of blocks to be generated and 1000000000 is the number of iterations. You can also change the algo by adding sha256d at the end of it.

You can mine ROD solo with the following miners:

NVIDIA Win64 Miner

2. You can mine them at POOL through well known mining software

You can mine ROD at pools with the following miners:

NVIDIA Win64 Miner
AMD Win64 and Linux64 Miner

Pools supporting ROD mining:

Look below for pools which have ROD listed

3. Buying them on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Look below for exchanges which have ROD listed

¹Until difficulty rises enough to be almost impossible to find a block that way.


Coin Price


Coin Trackers

Roadmap (WIP)

2022 Q2

☑ New wallets has to be compiled with the necessary changes
☑ Putting online an explorer, a dns seeder and nodes to support the blockchain
☑ Making a website to present the coin
☑ Adding the project on some pools
☑ An exchange listing to gain attention and volume
☑ Writing a manifesto to explain the intentions further and to set the goals of the platform

2022 Q3

☐ Making a website for the platform and the game
☐ Writing Whitepaper to explain the platform deeper
☐ Putting online Minimum Viable Product /MVP/ to visualize the ideas
☑ Starting a marketing campaign to promote the projects further
☐ SpaceXpanse ID Release
☐ SpaceXpanse Interface Layer Release
☐ SpaceXpanse Programming Library Release
☐ Complete the initial project's documentation

2022 Q4

☐ Writing Yellowpaper with technical information to explain it in details
☐ Adding Docker files to the source to make starting nodes in containers possible
☐ Alpha version of SpaceXpanse: Sol
☐ Closed alpha version of the SpaceXpanse: Wanderers

2023 Q1

☐ Consulting with an attorney office with experience in Crypto
☐ Alpha version of Decentralized Social Network /dSN/
☐ Mobile wallet

2023 Q2

☐ Beta version of SpaceXpanse: Sol
☐ Source code audit by a third-party entity
☐ Official launch of the projects

2023 Q3

☐ Blockchain Decentralized DNS Release
☐ Blockchain IPFS Implementation

2023 Q4

☐ Open Beta version of SpaceXpanse: Wanderers

2024 Q1

☐ Beta version of Decentralized Social Network /dSN/

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